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Promsurin Phutthammawong
E-Mail: ,
Address: 48/198 Khlongluang khlongsam District Khlongluang Road , Phonlaphat Zone , Thaisomboon Village 12120
Phone: +66625461939 (TH)

Some legal stuff…

Secondary School: Assumption College Thonburi

Secondary School: Satit-Rajabhat Valaja Alongkorn

Past High School : Suankularb Wittayalai Rangsit School Gifted Education Program

Occupation: Student,Designer,3DGraphic,Programmer,Developer,inventor,DJ

Talents/Skills: Good at computer, Programmer, games, Design & Animation 3D , Video Editor Working,Networking ,DJ Music Remixer newbie ,Artificial Intelligence , Freelancer , Tutor  ,  All the thing of IT & Computer , etc.

Dress : Dress very well Modern but nice & great love to  Minimal

Hobbies: Playing Computer ,hacking system , Designer , Chat ,Freelife,Programming

The Respect For me It’s most Important